One of the most important thing is the domain extension. There are many extensions available and they have strong impact on seo and marketing. The .com extension is the king of all domains. It's the first thing people usually think about.,,, It also has the strongest seo impact. But finding a great .com domain is rather hard these days, so You can choose other extensions too. You should know that some of people will remember your domain as a greatname and when they forget your extension, next time they will write in their browsers and miss your page.

When the .com is not free, another option would be .net or .org. This is still very good solution. These extensions are also very popular and are successfully used by many great sites. They are still strong from seo point of view. Another level would be .info and .biz domain. It's still stronger than, but it's the last one I would choose. If you try to make an country specific page use the country extension. In germany .de will have higher priority than .com and people will rather search for than The only problem is that some countries don't want to sell their domains for outside projects and these domains are more expensive than .com in most countries.

Do not ever use some free domains from extensions like If You'll manage to build a great website, You risk loosing everything, because part of Your page value determine the domain and You are not the owner of it. In this case You can also have problems with showing Your page value because Alexa rank and other pages will not gather stats from subdomains. They are only looking for top level pages.

Some people try their luck with domains like .tv, .to, .cc and stuff like this. Personally I'd keep away from these domains. You can still find some good .com, .net or .org domain. You have also as a alternative .biz or .info extensions. There are search engines with expired domains that allowes You to find some interesting domains or just domain ideas and help You to make a good choice.

If You still cannot find a domain maybe You should stop thinking about keywords? It could be a good idea to find something free at .com that can make an own brand. Look at Google or Amazon. These domains don't have any great keywords, they made these keywords themselves. It's not always smart to make some names like You can also think about some tricks like people from did. It's a huge risk but it might work as You see.

Another way of getting a domain is the after market sale. A lot of single word domains are bought by people that want to sell them with profit. Some of them seem to be interesting for Your business but not so interesting for the rest of the world. Such domains can be sometimes bought at reasonable prices. But the best domains can cost more then Your yearly income. To get some ideas about the prices visit the sedo page and check their auctions.

In the end you can try to grab something from expired domain name databases. This is a cheap way to get something really good. You can also profit from expired domains back links, Google pagerank or traffics often still come for these pages. But there are also some risks. For instance, deleted domain could be used for some spam service. And this is why checking, finding what was the site content before and checking Google and Yahoo cache for the latest page content become so important. Check also the back links that appoint the domain and make sure if they are ok. Expired domains can also generate some profits if you redirect their traffic to a website similar to it's former website.

Finally when You find the great domain, start thinking about domain registrar, You need some good companies which we checked in our previous article. You'll also have to decide for how long You want to purchase the domain. Longer purchase period can help a little bit with seo, but if You'll decide to drop the website, more money will be lost. Remember to notice where was the domain registered, the best idea is to use only one good registrar service. And don't forget the expiration date. It can saves You a lot of problems in the future.