An expired domain is like an old car. You have to check everything before You buy it. The most important thing is to check why the previous owner failed to renew the domain. Does he lost interest or is there something wrong with the domain? Many domains are used as a spam domains for search engines mainpulation.These domains are totally worthless and You should keep away from them. Before You buy anything, You should make some steps to check if it's worth it. First step should be checking WayBack Machine, Internet archive with web pages info. They show historical page status from 1996 to present time. You can check there what kind of business was it. Just remember that they show the six months away history and many things could happen since then. Another way to find previous content is to check google or yahoo cache, if it's still available. Another domain infos are google pagerank, google and yahoo back links. They build the value of domain and help You to get traffic. On you can check expired domains and their previous content, back links and last traffic noticed by Alexa. This will help You to filtrate all the spam and suspicious domains and find the really good one.

The main reason for choosing expired domains is their price. When interesting domain expires, You can get it at standard price by any domain name registrar. It's around 10$ a year. Another plus are the back links that still point on that domain and You can profit from it. It will help You to get better ranking in Search Engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo. You can also collect some traffic from back links if they are placed on popular pages.

The most important parameters that help estimate domain value are:

  • Is it a .com domain? Or .net , .org and .info?
  • How many back links do they have? What is the PageRank of these linking pages?
  • Does it still have any PageRank?
  • Is it listed in Open Directories like DMOZ or Yahoo directory?
  • Does it have some Alexa or Compete rank?
  • Is it letter only domain?
  • Does the domain name have a keyword that suit your needs or have popular keyword from google search? By using this search tool You can check expired domains by keywords.
Search for expired domain:

Another important aspect is the domain length. The best domains are the shorter ones. They are easier to remember for users.

Buy your domain quickly, expired domains are monitored by many people and the best ones disappear immediately. Remember also that not every domain is a goldmine. You have to know what You will do with this domain, another way spend these money for something else. Interesting domains expire every day, so You have a lot of time to spend Your budget. If You'll have some luck You can find some domains from full functioning websites with a lot of search engine traffic with users and back links too. This can help You to save a lot of money.