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devil - Machine used in the cotton-waste industry. Fitted with teeth in a revolving cylinder, it was designed to rip apart starched, hardened cop bottoms as a first step in the recovery of waste thread.

boot - During the boot (or boot-up) process, the operating system (code necessary for the computer to process information) is read from disk into RAM, under control of a small ROM "bootstrap loader" program. Until a computer is booted, it can process no information. A cold boot occurs when power is first supplied to a computer. If a cold boot is required, shut the machine down by clicking the Start button, clicking the "shut down the computer" radio button and clicking OK. Allow the machine to shut down as usual, then turn off the power and restart. If the machine will not respond to the keyboard, mouse, or reset button, a cold boot is needed. A "warm" boot is done from an operating computer with <ctrl><alt><del> or by pressing the "reset" button on the console. When a machine is re-booted (cold or warm), any information in RAM, and not yet saved to disk is lost.
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