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facet - A face of a convex set, not equal to the set, of maximal dimension. If the set is polyhedral, say P = {x: Ax <= b}, where the defining inequalities are irredundant, the facets are in 1-1 correspondence with {x in P: A(i,.)x = b_i} for i such that the equality is not forced -- i.e., there exists x in P for which A(i,.)x < b_i.

fantasy - The creative matrix. For Jung creative imagination had immense importance. "Everything that the human mind has ever created sprang from contents which, in the last analysis, existed once as unconscious seeds" (Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche). It was bound up with the roots of human and animal instinctuality, unified the functions of consciousness, and liberated the spirit of play. Fantasy: a pre-stage of the symbol, hence the importance of the child's fantasy life. Play is the dynamic principle of fantasy. Fantasy breaks down into fantasm (complex of ideas without an objective referent) and imaginative activity. Making it concrete enforces study of it and lets its effects manifest fully.
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