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fat - (File Allocation Table) This table information is stored in the Data section of a bootable disk (floppy or hard). It normally consists of the first 63 sectors. Information about each file, size, location, and number of sectors used to store the file are keep here. If the table (Table 1) becomes corrupted there is a backup table (Table 2). Windows uses Table 1 to read files, Scandisk for Windows can also read Table 2 if needed. Fdisk can read Table 2 also, if you use the MBR switch (fdisk /mbr) to repair the boot sector. If the Table becomes corrupted this is known as losing the FAT. Microsoft Press's: A file system based on a file allocation table, maintained by the operating system, to keep track of the status of various segments of disk space used for file storage. The 32-bit implementation in Windows 9x is called the Virtual File Allocation Table (VFAT) More about FAT.

profile - One method of making Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) is commonly referred to as profiling. In this technique a stereo pair of photographs is set up in a photogrammetric instrument and referenced to the ground using ground control points. After this process is completed the instrument automatically moves a computer cursor across the stereo model. As the cursor is being driven across the model, the operator controls the motion of the cursor while a recording device captures the elevation figures. Each swath across the stereo model is called a profile.
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