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pea - (Pisum satium) Round, highly nutritious seeds of leguminous plants. Johnson had several varieties: Dutch Admiral Pea: A late pea. An early dictionary stated “Lay these and Kidney Beans in different layers of salt, in their pods, and close together to preserve.” [Miller] Everlasting Pea: (Lathyrus grandiflorus): A vinelike perennial herb of Southern Europe having showy fragrant rose-purple flowers on a long stalk and pods about three inches long. Described in early dictionaries as “not a good pea for drying; almost indestructible; Skipwith flowering plant. Sweet Pea: Lathyrus odorata) An annual climbing plant having sweet scented flowers. Recorded by Washington, Joseph Chew, Lady Skipwith; and Sir William Johnson. West Indies Pea

key - 1. In cryptography, a symbol or sequence of symbols which controls the operations of encryption and decryption. 2. As it pertains to the Headline puzzle, a word that is used in the process of creating the mixed alphabet. This word must not contain any repeated letters. See hat.
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