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等待也是一种幸福 -,对时间说声对不起,让自己立志、奋斗起来。 -

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2008-07-12 - 等待也是一种幸福 -

Last known meta description:,对时间说声对不起,让自己立志、奋斗起来。
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sorry - Bad: keenly sorry or regretful; "felt bad about letting the team down"; "was sorry that she had treated him so badly"; "felt bad about breaking the vase"

time - The hour of the day reckoned by the position of a celestial reference point relative to a reference celestial meridian. Time may be designated solar, lunar , or sidereal as the reference is the sun, moon, or vernal equinox, respectively. Solar time may be further classified as mean or astronomical if the mean sun is the reference, or as apparent if the apparent sun is the reference. Time may also be designated according to the reference meridian, either the local or Greenwich meridian or, additionally, in the case of mean solar time, a designated zone meridian. Standard and daylight saving time are variations of zone time. Time may also be designated according to the timepiece, as chronometer time or watch time , the time indicated by these instruments.
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