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the - Relationship between wholesale and retail markets The number of retail markets defined is extremely small, even allowing for segmentation: Retail access to the public telephone network at a fixed location Retail publicly available telephone services provided at a fixed location The minimum set of leased lines This places a considerable and possibly excessive reliance on success in the regulation of the wholesale markets. It will be necessary to monitor closely developments in retail markets to ensure that problems there do not go unresolved. One significant danger is that NRAs will become involved in determining whether a price squeeze is occurring between operators at different points on the value chain. As the work on local access markets makes abundantly clear, these problems are very complicated and their resolution can entail considerable delays.

devil - Machine used in the cotton-waste industry. Fitted with teeth in a revolving cylinder, it was designed to rip apart starched, hardened cop bottoms as a first step in the recovery of waste thread.
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