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2005-02-05 - Long Term Weight Loss

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energy - The capacity for doing work as measured by the capability of doing work (potential energy) or the conversion of this capability to motion (kinetic energy). Energy has several forms, some of which are easily convertible and can be changed to another form useful for work. Most of the world's convertible energy comes from fossil fuels that are burned to produce heat that is then used as a transfer medium to mechanical or other means in order to accomplish tasks. Electrical energy is usually measured in kilowatt-hours, while heat energy is usually measured in British thermal units.

guild - An association of men belonging to the same class, or engaged in related interests. By the 11th century in Europe, an organization of merchants had begun to form guilds for mutual aid and protection. They were originally licensed by a government, and granted special privileges and authority. Examples of Medieval guilds are the Stationers' (booksellers) Guild, the Merchants’ Guild and the Ironmongers' (iron dealers) Guild to modern guilds such as the Screen Actors Guild.
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