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planet - A planet is a relatively large object that orbits a star. Actually the definition for exactly what can be called a "planet" is uncertain, and there are no specific lower size limits. The planet Pluto by all logical accounts is too small to be a full-fledged planet, yet orbits the Sun in an independent orbit and was originally judged a planet. However, it is smaller than Earth's Moon, and there may well be other objects as large orbiting the Sun (trans-Neptunian objects). However, there are definite upper limits to the size of a planet. Objects with masses about ten times that of Jupiter form a class of objects intermediate between stars and planets. They are called "brown dwarfs." Brown dwarfs give off too much energy to be planets, yet they are too small to exhibit the full nuclear fusion processes that defines stars.

basket - A basket applies to derivative instruments in the marketplace. A basket is a group of stocks that is formed with the intention of either being bought or sold all at once.
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