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project - A management tool used by the Agency prior to 1995. A project defines and documents objectives, purposes, outputs and inputs of a given program. As currently used, the term is equivalent to activity. Prior to 1995, term "project" was used as a term to refer to a specific grouping of activities that had been planned, reviewed and approved following the project-based programming system that existed. In 1995, the Agency shifted to a results-based programming system, consistent with the Government Performance and Results Act,

hero - A rarity on the battlefield, the hero is a solitary combatant that is able to perform actions without being part of a unit. Unlike Stragglers, who have been separated from their unit, heroes were never part of a unit. Heroes may be part of the playerÂ’s command structure (such as a platoon or company commander), or they may be independent of the command structure (such as civilians or journalists).
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