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Last known meta description: Newcastle wants to be the world's first CarbonNeutral city; by reducing and offsetting the CO<sub>2</sub> we create, we can save money, ensure a secure energy supply and make our city cleaner and greener - bringing benefits to you, your business and the community.
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climate - The sum total of the meteorological elements that characterize the average and extreme condition of the atmosphere over a long period of time at any one place or region of the earth's surface. The collective state of the atmosphere at a given place or over a given area within a specified period of time. (Landsberg, 1945, p. 928.)

dome - An uplifted area of sedimentary rocks with a downward dip in all directions; often caused by molten rock material pushing upward from below. The sediments have often eroded away, exposing the rocks that resulted when the molten material cooled.
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