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beach - (1) A deposit of non-cohesive material (e.g. sand, GRAVEL) situated on the interface between dry land and the sea (or other large expanse of water) and actively "worked" by present-day hydrodynamics processes (i.e. waves, tides and currents) and sometimes by winds. (2) The zone of unconsolidated material that extends landward from the low water line to the place where there is marked change in material or physiographic form, or to the line of permanent vegetation. The seaward limit of a beach – unless otherwise specified – is the mean low water line. A beach includes foreshore and backshore. The zone of unconsolidated material that is moved by waves, wind and tidal currents, extending landward to the coastline.

resort - 1. A city or other destination known for its leisure attractions. 2. A hotel featuring a broad range of amenities, sports facilities, and other leisure attractions, designed to provide a total vacation experience.
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